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Error when installing/activating theme
If you're getting Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home/user-name/domain/wp-content/themes/unbound/functions.php on line XXX or "The link you followed has expired" then don't panic. It's simply the PHP version of your hosting for which you have received this message. You must be using PHP lower than 5.6, which doesn't have all necessary functions to run modern themes.

Please check and see what WordPress is recommending about proper functionality of WordPress. It suggests to have 7.x version as of June 2018. You need at least PHP 5.6 to run Unbound.

You can change PHP version of your hosting by following this tutorial. It was written assuming you have cPanel based hosting. If you find it difficult, then ask your hosting provider to change PHP version to latest industry standards (PHP 5.6 onwards of course).

Please check in theme description page , we have mentioned all required parameters. In most cases, hosting accounts have these required values.


To work with Unbound, please ensure that you are running WordPress 4.7 or higher, PHP 5.6 or higher, and MySQL 5.6 or higher. We have tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux.


Various issues that you may run into are: white screen, your demo import fails, empty page content and other similar issues which are all related to low PHP configuration limits. The best way is to increase the PHP limits of hosting account.
max_execution_time 300
memory_limit 128M
post_max_size 32M
upload_max_filesize 32M

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